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Now it's possible to make a direct contact with the Minister of Taxes through the Ministry’s webpage in order to continuously promote favorable conditions for the activity of businessmen. In case you don’t find answers and solutions to your tax problems that you encounter in the course of your activity, or if local tax offices could not provide you with adequate information or assistance based on your complaints you can directly contact the Minister of Taxes Mr. Fazil Mammadov through our website.

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Austrian Standards plus Telephone Information Service Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic was awarded the European certificate of quality

In September, the representative of the company “Austrian Standards plus” - the International Institute for Certification of Contact Centers audited for compliance of the Telephone Information Service “195” (Call-centre) of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the standard EN-15838. Recall that the Telephone Information Service, “195” of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan was launched in December 2003, initially covering Baku, and from May 2006 - the whole territory of Azerbaijan. Now, the service works in a continuous mode, providing services to taxpayers and citizens.
­To the consideration of taxpayers!

We would like to inform you that in order to fully protect the rights of taxpayers, considerate their complaints (except for appeals relating to corruption offenses) in an order established by the legislation, as well as for the improvement of complaint consideration, and at the same time creating conditions for the treatment of local tax authorities to the Tax Appeals Board, and the objective solution of disputes by following simplified procedures before the court, at the Ministry of Taxes started to operate the Tax Appeals Board.
Every taxpayer in disagreement with the decision of tax authorities on application of tax legislation or the received answers, can handle without going through the court to the Tax Appeal Board of the Ministry of Taxes.

­ "The use of electronic tax invoices software" (video)

Dear VAT payers! Having regard to that from January 1, 2010 tax invoices will be arranged and submitted only in an electronic form, we present you a promotional trailer on “The use of electronic tax invoices software».

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­ Information on requisites in state treasury organs for transfer of taxes and duties

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Complete requisites of the VAT deposit account:
Name: State Treasury Agency Code: 210027, INN: 1401555071, Correspondent account: 0132030004944, SWİFT Bik: CTREAZ24, Account: 14001

­ Rules of infill and forwarding of the declaration of the simplified tax in "on-line" regime by the internet

In order to facilitate the process of sending the declaration was set up an opportunity for compiling and sending of the Declaration of the Simplified Tax in an alternative way - not using the program of BTP, in the "on-line" regime, directly going to your Internet account in the “E-declaration”. At the time of use "on-line" mode there is no need to download onto your computer other programs (BTP, JAVA, Acrobat Reader). You can yourself choose a way to use it. Remember that this applies only to the declaration of the simplified tax. Other declarations must be completed and sent in the normal way - using the BTP. You can read the guidance for compiling the "on-line" declaration on the simplified tax, here.

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