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You can apply us with your questions on taxes by "Question-Answer" section

ASAN Signature

ASAN Signature is your mobile identification to approve your identity when entering to E-services and doing digital signatures. ASAN Signature makes possible use of all existing e-services.

Recruitment, Competitions, Olympiads

Rules, announcements, results of competitions and tests, statistics related to recruitment to the Ministry of Taxes

Tax friend

The person who is “Tax friend” carries out awareness, education and advocacy works regarding to taxes between people in his/her residential area.


Does addressing manner of tax authorities to your appeals satisfy you?

Yes, in time and unbiased addressing.
In time, but indifferent addressing
Late, but unbiased addressing
No, late and biased addressing
I have not applied yet.
Note: Please indicate your choice by pointing out the answer to the empty cell


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Awards and achievements

Ministry of taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan
2002 - 2016

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