Dövlət Vergi Xidməti
Bir pəncərə
Services provided by Call Center staff in real time mode (business days from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm):
  • Answering questions about tax legislation.
  • Answering questions regarding the use of electronic services.
  • Assistance in use of electronic services.
  • Reception of appeals on violation of tax legislation
  • Reception of appeals on actions or inaction of tax authority and tax officers.
  • Provision of services by calling back missed calls.
  • Providing services to individuals who wish to get in touch with Call Center representatives.
  • Responding appeals regarding Asan Signature
  • Submission of simplified tax return through Asan Signature in real time mode.

Services provided in automatic mode:
  • Provision of general information on taxes applied in Azerbaijan (non-business hours).
  • Provision of tax debt information (continuously) based upon TIN.
  • Call Order – Acceptance of call back request by the Call Center representatives (during non-business hours).

Messaging services:
  • Sending information and reminders to taxpayers by voice message.
  • Sending information and reminders to taxpayers via targeted SMS.
  • Sending reminders to two-sided SMS service subscribers regularly and responding SMS requests of registered tax payers without subscription.