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The 195-1 Call Center of the State Tax Service aims at ensuring operational, accurate and up-to-date information about tax legislation and its application, providing electronic services which enables taxpayers and public society to carry out online transactions. Call Center also accepts appeals on violations of tax legislation.

Upon its inauguration in 2003 195-1 Call Center covered only Baku city. In May of 2016 it extended its activities on other regions of the country.

Based on the results of an audit conducted by the International Institute for Certification and Survey Centers in 2011, the European Committee for Standardization ("Austrian Standards Plus") awarded the Call Center of the State Tax Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the Quality Certificate (Nr.S 2011 043 of October 15, 2011) for compliance with EN-15838.

According to report of another audit conducted in 2012 and 2014, the European Committee for Standardization has confirmed the compliance of the activities of the Call Center under the State Tax Service with the requirements of the European standards.

Direct landline calls (village, city) to "195-1" from any region of the country, as well as services provided by the Call Center are free of charge.

Currently, the 195-1 Call Center can be dialed directly from all types of telephone numbers without inserting any code. You can then apply to the following state bodies using the voice menu or by selecting one of the corresponding buttons.

You can send your feedback and suggestions related to the activities of the Call Center to: callcentre@taxes.gov.az.