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ASAN imza (Mobile Signature) - a service provided by the State Tax Service and a mobile operator. ASAN imza (Mobile ID) is your mobile identification to confirm your identity during the use of electronic services and electronic signature, provides the opportunity to use all existing e-services.
ASAN imza is your SIM card that is attached to certificates as a document along with a physical ID card. With the help of an ASAN signature, you can confirm your identity and sign documents electronically.  

ASAN Certification Services Center (ACSC)


How to get a certificate for an ASAN imza SIM card

1. The person (applicant) who applied to use the ASAN imza service, first of all acquires an ASAN imza SIM card from a mobile operator (Azercell, < span style="text-decoration: underline;">Bakcell,Nar), next he applies to the Taxpayer Service CentersFuzuli District Tax Department or ASAN Service Centers together with the required documents and the ASAN imza SIM card to enter the "ICCID" number into the system.

2. The ACSC verifies the correctness of the documents submitted by the applicant.

3. If the submitted documents do not contain errors, a written contract is concluded between the applicant and the ACSC and a certificate is issued to the applicant, otherwise the ACSC refuses to issue a certificate.

4. Before concluding an agreement with the applicant for the issuance of an ACCA certificate, it is necessary to familiarize him with the rules for using the certificate, the legal status of the ACSC and inform him about the status of accreditation.

5. The prepared certificate is transmitted to the applicant in paper and electronic form. The certificate in paper form is provided in two copies on the official ACSC letterhead, after which it is confirmed by the signature of the authorized person and the seal. After signing by the applicant, one copy of the certificate in paper form is stored in the ACSC. The certificate in electronic form is confirmed by an enhanced ACSC signature.

6. The owner of the signature in the ACSC signs in the appropriate registration log about the receipt and verification of the signature recorded on the carrier, receipt of the certificate in paper form, as well as about its informing by the ACSC.

7. The certificate for the ASAN imza SIM card is issued within one working day.


Forms of documents for certification

Application forms

Application for the conclusion of an Agreement on the provision of certification services (Appendix 1)

Statement of the signature holder on changing the status of the Certificate (Appendix 2)

Statement of the signature holder on changes in the primary data of the application (Appendix 3)

Application for recognition as an "e-representative" (Appendix 4)

Forms of agreements

Agreement on the provision of certification services for a SIM card ASAN imza (Appendix 5)

Agreement on the provision of digital ID card certification services (Appendix 6)

Letters of attorney

Form 1 (Appendix 7)

Form 2 (Appendix 8)

Form 3 (Appendix 9)

Forms of notices

Certificate activation notification (Appendix 10)

Notification of the end of the certificate validity period (Appendix 11)

Certificate suspension notice (Appendix 12)

Notice of certificate liquidation (Appendix 13)

Certificate renewal notification (Appendix 14)

Notification of changes in the primary data of the application (Appendix 15)


Certificate - example

Certificates issued by the ASAN Certification Services Center of the State Tax Service