Dövlət Vergi Xidməti
Bir pəncərə
Regulations on the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Regulations of the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Regulations on service in state tax authorities
Regulation on the Tax Ombudsman
State Tax Service Office
Main Directorate for Documentation and Consideration of Applications and Applications (Secretariat)
Main Department of Tax Policy
Main Department of Internal Security
Main Department of Tax Audit
Main Department of control over declarations and cameral tax audits
Main Department of Law
Taxpayer services' Main Department
Main Department of State Registration
Main Department of Economic Analysis and Accounting Control
Main Department of International Taxation and Tax Monitoring
Main Department of International Relations
Main Department of Control over Execution of Tax Obligations
Main department for Coordination of Activities of Local Organizations
Human Resources Main department
Main Department of Finance
Main Department of Digital Tax Administration
Main department for Consideration of Administrative Complaints
Department of expertise and analysis of economic areas
Media and Communication Department
Department for work with excisable goods
Department of advisory service on the issues of preliminary investigation of tax crimes
Main Department Of Primary Investigation Of Tax Crimes
Baku Main Department for Small Business
Baku City Main Department of Local Revenues
Main Department of National Revenues
Main Department for Control over Import and Export Operations
Main Department for Control over the Turnover of Excise and Marked Goods
Call Center
Main offices of territorial taxes
Territorial tax offices
District tax departments