Dövlət Vergi Xidməti
Bir pəncərə

Approved by order of the Minister of Taxes
Republic of Azerbaijan
No. 1417040100819300 & dated June 24, 2014


Collection, verification of documents, holding a competition, formation and management of the talent pool in connection with employment in state tax authorities

I. General

1. The rules are prepared in accordance with the "Law on Civil Service", "Regulations on Competition for Candidates with the Purpose of Employment in State Tax Bodies", & nbsp; "Regulations & nbsp; on Service in State Tax Bodies" on hiring to state tax authorities, appointing candidates who successfully passed the competition to the position, and their inclusion in the list of the personnel reserve (hereinafter - the list), management and exclusion from the list of the personnel reserve.
2. The purpose of collecting documents, holding a competition for employment in state tax authorities and forming a personnel reserve is to appoint, when vacant positions appear, suitable candidates for these positions, which are & nbsp; an integral part of the work carried out towards the implementation of the personnel policy of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan (in hereinafter - the ministry).
3. Collecting documents of candidates for employment in state tax authorities, holding a competition, forming and managing a talent pool & nbsp; is carried out by the Competition Commission (hereinafter - the Commission) and the Personnel Management & nbsp; (hereinafter - the corresponding structural unit) of the ministry.
4. Collecting documents of candidates, holding a competition for employment in state tax authorities, the formation and management of the personnel reserve is carried out on the principles of legality, equality, transparency and publicity.

II. Collecting and checking documents

5. A person applying for employment with state tax authorities applies to the ministry with an electronic application in the prescribed form.
6. Within 5 days from the date of receipt of the application to the ministry by the relevant structural unit, in order to preliminary determine the possibility of hiring a candidate for work in the tax authorities, an initial check is carried out, and information on the results of the check is sent to the candidate in electronic form.
7. The candidate is responsible for the accuracy of the information specified in the electronic application form; if the candidate submits distorted information, the candidate's application for admission to the competition is rejected (indicating the reason).
8.In order to verify the presence of a criminal record of a person who applied for employment to the tax authorities, a request is sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
9. After the end of the acceptance of electronic applications, the list of candidates participating in test exams is submitted to the State Commission for the Admission of Students (hereinafter - SSAC). 3 days before the end of the test exams, the ministry issues a pass for the exam to candidates.
10. The following candidates are not eligible for the competition for employment in state tax authorities:
10.1. Persons who are not citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
10.2. & Persons who do not have the relevant higher education required to perform official duties in state tax authorities;
10.3. Citizens over 35 years old, with the exception of persons specified in paragraph 17 of these Rules;
10.4. Citizens receiving higher education in full-time department;
10.5. Citizens of draft age who have not completed the compulsory active military service established by law (with the exception of persons who have the right to defer from conscription for compulsory active military service on legal grounds or who are exempted from conscription for compulsory active military service);
10.6. Candidates whose criminal record has not been cleared or canceled.
11. Candidates who have passed the interview stage, in order to ensure work within 5 days, submit the following documents to the relevant structural unit of the ministry:
11.1. copy of identity card (notarized);
11.2. autobiography (form issued by the ministry);
11.3. personal sheet on personnel records (the form is issued by the ministry);
11.4. 2 photos in 4x6 size, 1 piece in 9x12 size on a white background on a paper carrier and 3x4 electronic carrier (men in a suit and tie);
11.5. notarized copy of the diploma of higher education (diplomas of candidates who studied abroad must be duly notarized);
11.6. a certified copy of the employment record book (with a note of the last place of employment) or a certificate of absence of employment;
11.7. health certificate from the polyclinic at the place of residence;
11.8. certificate and act of verification from the narcological dispensary;
11.9. certificate of residence and family composition;
11.10. copy of marriage certificate or divorce certificate, birth certificates of children (notarized);
11.11. a copy of all sheets of the military ID, on which the notes were made (notarized).
12. After passing the interview stage, candidates who have not submitted any document from specified in clause 13 of these Rules within the period established by the ministry, and in the submitted documents indicating data that differ from the data indicated in the initial application are not included in the list and are not accepted for service in the tax authorities. In this case, the candidate is notified in writing.
13. Requirements for other documents other than those specified in clause 11 of these Rules are not allowed. The candidate can submit other documents characterizing him to the Ministry.
14. Candidates who have successfully passed the competition and are engaged in entrepreneurial activity are not provided with work without termination of their entrepreneurial activity.

III . Competition

15. When vacant staff positions appear in the state tax authorities, the commission makes a decision to announce a competition for filling vacant positions. The competition is held with the aim of establishing the level of preparedness, knowledge, general outlook, suitability for service in state tax authorities. The corresponding announcement is published in the media.
16. The competition consists of a test exam and an interview.
17. The Commission decides on the exemption from the examination of persons with an academic degree in the relevant specialty, who have received a higher education with an honors diploma, have high professional training or work experience.
18. Test exams of the competition are held by the SSAC, the interview stage - by the commission.
19. If necessary, lawyers, experts and specialists can be involved in the work of the commission.
20. Direct or indirect influence, threat, illegal interference by any person or structure in the work of the commission is not allowed.
21. If necessary, the commission holds meetings on issues related to its powers. The members of the commission are informed in advance about the time, place of the meeting and the issues to be discussed.
22. The Commission is considered plenipotentiary with the participation of two thirds of its members. Decisions on the issues under consideration are taken by an open vote and a simple majority of votes. The adopted decision is signed by all members of the commission. The chairman of the commission is the last to vote. If there is a dissenting opinion of a member of the commission, it is attached to the decision in the form of an opinion.
23. After consideration by the commission of the results of test exams presented by the SSAC, a decision is made to conduct an interview with the candidates.
24. Information about the time and place of the interview is provided to candidates by the relevant structural unit of the ministry at least 2 days in advance.
25. When starting the interview, the head of the commission announces the list of candidates. A commission member who is closely related or personally related to a candidate does not participate in the interview with that candidate. Before proceeding with the interview, the candidate may reasonably object to the participation of any member of the commission at the meeting. Acceptance or rejection of an objection is determined by the chairman of the committee.
26. Each candidate is interviewed individually for 20 minutes. During the interview in order to determine the general outlook, knowledge and skills in the field of application of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, tax legislation, other legal acts related to economic policy, the candidate is asked appropriate questions or the candidate speaks for 5-7 minutes in accordance with the presentation form , pre-established by the ministry (attached). The interview process is recorded on video.
27. Answers of the candidate during the interview are assessed by each member of the commission with one of the points - "0", "1", "2", "3", "4" or "5". The data are summed up and divided by the number of members of the commission participating in the interview and, thus, the average score is determined. If the average score of the candidate on the results of the interview is more than "3", this candidate is considered to have successfully passed the interview.
28. Among the candidates who showed identical results in the competition, preference is given to persons with a scientific degree, fluent command of foreign languages, computer knowledge and work experience in cash.