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The "Online Clerical" system is a system that allows electronic document exchange between citizens and taxpayers and tax authorities. "Online clerical work" is integrated into the internal clerical system of the State Tax Service through the Automated Tax Information System (AVIS). Therefore, users can monitor the movement of the sent document within the tax authority online and learn the phone number of the executor and establish a direct telephone connection with him. All appeals sent to the tax authority through this system have the status of an official document. The service can also be used by taxpayers for correspondence. An "individual electronic box" is allocated for each user within the system. Letters and responses from the tax authorities to users are collected in this box. The user manual of the "Online Clerical" system can be found in the Help section.

When filling out the application "Online registration of an individual entrepreneur", you can download the codes of the required areas of activity from the following link.

Area codes