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State registration of a commercial organization with local investment (excluding educational institutions)

  • Notarized "Application for state registration of a commercial organization"
  • "Information about the founder - individuals"
  • Copy of ID cards of the founder (s)
  • "Information about the founder - legal entities"
  • Notarized copies of state registration certificates (extracts from the state register) and charters of the founding legal entity (persons)
  • The charter approved by the founder (founders) or the authorized representative of the organization in 2 copies
  • Decision (decisions) on the establishment of the institution, approval of its charter and formation of governing bodies
  • "Information on reorganized legal entity"  (as a result of reorganization for an established commercial legal entity)
  • "Information on members of the Supervisory Board"  (if the commercial organization is a company and if the company's supervisory board is elected on the date of submission of the application (with copies of ID cards)
  • "Information on the application of the special tax regime"  (with the special tax regime if it works)
  • A copy of the identity document of the legal representative
  • Document confirming legal address
  • Document confirming payment of state duty (receipt)
  • A document confirming the payment of the authorized capital (bank receipt, real estate mortgage, etc.), except in cases when the charter of a limited liability company stipulates the payment of the authorized capital within a certain period
  • Independent auditor's opinion on the valuation of property not paid in cash to the authorized capital
  • Identity card of the applicant
  • Power of Attorney (if the application is signed by the attorney)
  • A document confirming the initial consent of the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the relevant body of the Ministry of Economy, respectively, in the establishment of a banking, insurance, financial-industrial group.

Online registration of a commercial organization

  • Reinforced electronic signature
  • Charter in case of selection of the charter drawn up by the founder during the ordinary electronic state registration of limited liability companies with local investment

Fast electronic state registration of a limited liability company with local investment is carried out immediately, and ordinary electronic state registration is carried out no later than 1 day.

In order to carry out the electronic state registration of a limited liability company with local investment, the electronic application form placed in the "Internet Tax Office" of the Ministry of Taxes must be completed and approved with a strengthened electronic signature In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On State Duty", electronic state registration of legal entities in the Republic of Azerbaijan is free of charge. ( Instructions for using the "Online Clerical" website )