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Reception of taxpayers in advance online queue

Dear taxpayers!

Since May 12, 2020, the reception of taxpayers in the Taxpayer Service Centers of the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy is carried out on the official website of the Service (www.taxes.gov.az) and online tax inspection (www.e-taxes.gov.az ) by pre-queuing online.

You can join the online queue or cancel the reserved queue using the following links:

Persons who have signed up for the online queue, when approaching the service center, must present identity cards (a certificate of permanent or temporary residence permit or a refugee certificate issued by the State Migration Service to foreigners and stateless persons) or a certificate of registration of an individual (when an individual applies) to the responsible person of the center.

Please note that there is no reception at the service center without a medical mask.

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), taxpayers are asked to contact service centers only if absolutely necessary, that is, in the absence of an electronic analogue of the service that is supposed to be accessed.

State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy