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Dear taxpayers,

Please be informed that taxes and other payments (including financial sanctions, interests) for each city and district shall be transferred to the budget only through the following accounts (note: all information is in Azerbaijani):

Accounts in state treasury bodies where tax and other budget payments are transfered

Accounts in state treasury bodies where unemployment insurance contributions are transfered

Accounts in state treasury bodies where mandatory state social insurance contributions are transfered

Search engine system of accounts for transferring tax and other budgetary payments to the state treasury bodies

Classification of Budget Revenues

Budget Level Codes

List of 7-digit action codes 

Budget details on compulsory health insurance premiums 

Bank details in foreign currency of the State Treasury Agency of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Details of the treasury account to which the fines imposed by the State Tax Service “for violation of the rules of the special quarantine regime” should be transferred


Single VAT Deposit Account details:

Name: State Treasury Agency (VAT)

Code: 210027

TIN: 1401555071

Correspondent account: AZ07NABZ01360100000000004944


Account No – AZ48CTRE00000000000000014001


Sample payment orderSample payment order of a state organization