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How to immediately get information on tax debt?


By entering the taxpayer’s TIN to the E-services window Provision of tax debt information" on the sub-section “E-services” of the "Services" section of the State Tax Service’s website www.taxes.gov.az, you may obtain information on the taxpayer’s debt to the state budget.

By calling the Call Center “195”, you will be linked to the State Tax Service by selecting the button "1". Then, by dialing your TIN number and pressing "#" button you will receive current information on your tax debt.

Taxpayer shall sign in the "E-declaration, VAT-DH and PAP (Personal Account Page)" section of the Internet Tax Administration using his / her user code, password, cipher code or enhanced electronic signature. Here, the taxpayer may get information about his/her obligations and debts via the "Search Information" sub-section of "Personal Account" section.

You may get information about your tax obligations (21 directions) by joining the "Bilateral SMS Service provided by the State Tax Service and by sending an SMS request (5 directions). In order to use the service you need to register by dialing *195*usercode*cipher code#yes (for example: *195*00000541*121756#yes).

If you are a subscriber: Send an SMS to the number 8195 by typing START through the registered number and get information about the tax liability (21 directions).

If you are not a subscriber: Send the appropriate number to 8195 from the registered number ("1" - tax debt to the state budget; "2" - the declarations to be submitted; "3" - on the activity or suspension of the activity; "4" - about new or read letters in e-mail box and "52” - about registered business entities).